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Laser Mole Removal

Laser mole removal is a medical procedure that uses laser light, to remove unwanted moles, birthmarks and skin tags. Laser mole removal works by passing a light beam through the skin. The laser targets dark pigment, called melanin...

We carry molescopy and also cyst (lump) removal and scar removal using laser to remove the target with minimal scarring or perform an excision biopsy of moles where laboratory analysis is desirable.

Price starts from £300 for removal of 1 or 2 moles and £50 for each extra one.

Patients say

Wanted to have moles and freckles removed for some time.

I had laser removal of freckles and moles on my face and neck. Was unhappy with their appearance and had wanted to have them removed for some time. I am really happy with my results, they have healed faster than I thought and with no major markings, and this is after only 2 weeks! I will be returning to the clinic for more laser removal of freckling at some point in the near future. Very reasonable price for my treatment, felt very comfortable etc. Thanks

Good experience, felt reassured and comfortable, done quickly but very well and the price was more than reasonable. I was seen before my actual appointment time which was great, will be returning, thanks.

Naomi, Manchester Mole Removal

Felt very comfortable during mole removal.

I had two moles removed from my face and Dr Xavier even did another one for free! He made me feel very comfortable and relaxed as I was quite nervous going into the clinic. I am currently in the healing process but Dr Xavier said that if I am not happy with the results I can go back again in 4-6 weeks and he will do it again free of charge. I'm delighted I choose to go to this clinic and would recommend it to anyone!

I choose this clinic because of the excellent reviews it had received and how quickly Dr Xavier was in replying to my enquiry in which he answered all of my questions. Upon arriving at the clinic I was offered a drink and was seen to in minutes! Great clinic and would recommend to anyone!

Nathan, Widnes Mole Removal

Had anal skin tags. Was very embarrassed about it. Doctor treated me with respect and made me feel very comfortable. Explained the procedure in every detail, very professional in every way, absolutely spotless and brand new clinic.

The doctor fully explained and put me at ease, all the latest technology, 100% would recommend.

Javad, UK Skin Tag Removal

I had a lump removed from inside my neck by Dr Xavier Mmono using laser treatment. The process was super fast, virtually painless, and to be honest left me astounded as I expected it would have been a much bigger deal. My only regret is that I waited so long, mostly due to anxiety, to visit the clinic. Dr. Mmono was down to earth, and friendly - patient and happy to answer any of my questions.

I chose this clinic after reading many positive reviews, and because the price I was quoted seemed very reasonable compared to others. When I arrived I was offered a drink, and made to feel welcome. The clinic was very clean and professional looking. There was a calm atmosphere which helped set me at ease.

I would recommend the Aesthetic Clinic and Dr. Xavier Mmono without hesitation. Thanks again!

Colin, Manchester Cyst Removal

I am very impressed by this clinic. The Doc was very friendly and hospitable, even had time to have tea and just chat with him. The support I got after my procedure was amazing, I was even given the option of a full refund if I had not gotten the results we agreed upon. In short, I highly recommend this place , you will not be disappointed.

Tyrone, Manchester Mole Removal